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"I wanted to thank you again for your visit to Point Counterpoint - the students were very excited to play for you, and you left them with a sense of new possibilities. Your approach was perfect for these talented young musicians: your humor and encouragement helped them to relax, and your insistence on defining musical character challenged them to move beyond accuracy to real interpretation. The process was so much fun, and the way it transformed their performances was inspiring to players and listeners alike!"
-Anne Tyson, Music Director, Point Counterpoint Camp, Leicester VT

Workshop Descriptions

Below are suggestions for workshops, masterclasses and coaching offerings from Gillian Rogell. We look forward to working with you to fit the event to your specific group and needs.

Please contact Gillian for more information, or to book a workshop with your group: gillianrogell@gmail.com

Coaching Sessions in Gillian's Brookline, MA Chamber Music Studio

In her own chamber music studio in Brookline, Gillian coaches groups of all ages and abilities. Advance students perform in annual concerts. Click here to see a review of the lastest Chamber Music Studio concert. Contact Gillian to get more info, or book to visit the studio

Masterclass for All Ages and All Stages

Gillian's masterclasses are lively interactions between the players, the audience, and herself. She works with the musicians on many issues, which may include breathing, techniques of playing musically, untying knotty passages, finding the character of the music, and plain old playing in tune. At whatever level, players can be distracted by their own technical demands and perceived limitations, and this may result in their becoming glued to the music and trying not to be "distracted" by the sounds and players around them. While careful technical preparation is essential for each player, it is through breaching the boundaries between the players that true music-making is achieved. Gillian's approach allows players to hear the music around them, to become part of that music even during "rests," and to connect through their own voice to that of the whole. At the same time, she introduces techniques of playing musically through articulation, use of the bow, and breathing, that palpably change the experience and give the music life. Players and audience experience the transformations that occur and enjoy the dynamic changes that take place. Contact Gillian to get more info, or book this masterclass.

One Day Workshop: The Techniques of Playing Chamber Music Musically

For music schools with student players, ages 14-22 (highschool to college), and pre-formed ensembles. A full day of activities.

Gillian introduces this workshop with a morning discussion about chamber music, its biological basis, what players need to bring from their lives to the rehearsal room and what they should leave at home. The discussion is followed by an "open coaching" as Gillian coaches the onlookers as well as the ensemble in the middle of the room. After a lunch break, the ensembles will rehearse in separate rooms, with Gillian rotating between groups, as they prepare for a performance that evening. Dinner will be followed by a concert and party. Gillian will introduce the audience to the day's concepts in her introductory remarks. Contact Gillian to get more info, or to book this workshop.

Lecture/Demonstration: "I Love Chamber Music, but I Don't Understand It."

For music lovers, audience attendees, and community members of all ages. Appropriate for those with little to no formal musical training (first-time concert goers are welcome!). 30-60 minutes.

This workshop is designed for music lovers who have little no playing experience and is presented with an amateur or student chamber music group. This can be presented as a pre-concert lecture, or as a stand-alone workshop for audiences. In this lecture/demonstration, Gillian invites audience members to reach beyond basic 'music appreciation' to develop a deep and personal understanding of chamber music. Using a live chamber music ensemble from the community, Gillian provides a window into what musicians experience as they create music. Contact Gillian to get more info, or book this workshop.

Music Teachers' Workshop: Transforming Your Students

For music teachers of all styles and ensembles. 90-120 minutes.

In this presentation, Gillian coaches teachers how to apply the principles of her unique coaching style to their specific student groups (orchestral players, choral groups, jazz band, etc.). Through group discussion and DVD examples, Gillian reviews the techniques of playing musically:

• the transition from seeing music with all its straight lines to creating musical lines and curves
• the shift from thinking to absorbing and responding
• the ability for kids to become an important part of the melody and inner voices around them when faced (and probably bored) with a whole page of quarter notes on a few different pitches

Gillian finishes by working with an ensemble of the music teachers, illustrating these techniques. Participants are invited to bring their instruments. Contact Gillian to get more info, or book this workshop.