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Music&Vision (UK)
July 2011

"...technical and interpretative lessons for those who practice chamber music... insights for tutors and non-performing music lovers alike."

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American Teacher's Journal
December 2010/January 2011

"The main theme that recurs is purely technical thinking is not enough to produce good chamber music; examining the music with descriptive, expressive terms, learning how to feel the music together, and playing expressively usually lead to better ensemble, and, often, better technical performances as well... also includes a thought-provoking discussion about how the quest for perfection on today's young performers inhibits them from taking risks and focusing more on the art of communication."

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American Suzuki Journal
Fall 2010

"At Gillian Rogell's session, "MusicAlchemy: Transforming Teachers into Coaches," we watched her work with one of the performing string quartets- The Augsburg Galaxy Quartet- on a sample portion of Mozart K. 160 (which they had only recently received). She got them breathing together and playing like a team."

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Muso (UK)
June/July 2010

Gillian's "sentiment and approach are sincere, and she provides the amateur player with a series of points to consider when aiming for top results in both rehearsal and performance... Rogell's experience as a teacher is clearly invaluable."

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The Boston Globe (Boston, MA)
February 9, 2010

"For violist Gillian Rogell, chamber music is all about connection. A long-dormant one was just renewed after the Haitian earthquake Jan. 12 and has led to a benefit concert for the stricken island."

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Teaching Music (USA)
January 2010

"This DVD gives viewers a fly-on-the-wall look at [chamber music] sessions. It also sheds light on various technical and aesthetic aspects of playing in a chamber music group and offers insight into the music-making process."

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Chamber Music (USA)
November/December 2009

"Gillian Rogell gets frustrated with the way some young musicians approach their work. 'They think it's about perfection and dazzling technique, and it isn't,' she says. 'It's about connection.'"

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Stringendo Magazine (Australia)
April 2009

"At once practical and profound... [The DVD is] riveting, an educational experience for both those who perform and those who coach... a carefully crafted window that allows anyone, including non-musicians to see into the diligence and nuanced decision-making that goes into the process of a coherent reading of a chamber music work."

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Strings Magazine (USA)
February 2009

"Rogell is soft spoken, but passionate and articulate about her musical philosophies... What sets [Heart of Chamber Music] apart from other workshops or teaching techniques is its central message: music is language and not an abstraction."

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Teen Strings Magazine (USA)
August/September/October 2008

"You'll find this DVD to be packed full of tips on improving your technique, as well as insight and inspiration"

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The Chamber Music Network/ACMP Newsletter (USA)
June 2008

"This video is great to watch at many levels: as a professional seeking to learn coaching techniques; as a group learning good ensemble techniques; or simply as a listener gaining greater appreciation of what is going on during a performance."

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