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"I really appreciate your musical ideas and it's always a joy to go to coachings. Especially in real-life (ie adulthood) it's easy to lose track of that feeling that makes music the greatest thing in the world, and you always remind of that and why I wanted so desperately to be a musician in the first place."
-amatuer violinist

New ensembles are always forming at Gillian Rogell's Chamber Music Studio in Brookline, MA.

Gillian has developed an approach to chamber music which is at once challenging and nurturing. Her unique blend of musicality and expertise transforms musicians from separate individuals into a unified ensemble, connecting players with the music and each other, and providing a deeper understanding of both process and product. Her signature coaching style is lively, informed, and probing, inspiring musicians to play their best and allowing them to use their technique to serve the music.

Specific offerings include:

  • Ensemble Coaching:
    Join a new group this fall, or get help with an existing ensemble. Want to explore chamber music, but don't have a group? New ensembles are forming now at Gillian Rogell's Chamber Music Studio. Or do you have a group, but they seem stuck in the musical mud? Take your group to the next level with Gillian guiding you through her practical yet philosophical approach to chamber music.

  • Tune-Up Coachings:
    Want to make a leap forward with your playing, but can't commit to a long-term coaching schedule? For ensembles needing occasional help, we're offering one-time 'tune-up' sessions. Does your group want a quick coaching to prep for an upcoming concert? Or maybe you are dusting off your strings after a summer on hiatus, and want a refresher? Spend 90 minutes in 'the shop', and come out humming like a well-oiled machine!

  • One-on-One Coaching:
    Sometimes you need to go it alone to improve your group. If you're playing well when practicing by yourself, but not content when you're with your ensemble, consider one-on-one coaching with Gillian. Play along with Gillian as she helps you hear how your voice fits with the others, what it is 'saying' in the context of the piece, and how to develop the techniques of playing musically.

Contact Gillian today to book a coaching session or to visit the Coaching Studio: gillianrogell@gmail.com